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Read the latest Security Intelligence Report

Read the latest Security Intelligence Report

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Last week Microsoft released Volume 12 of the Security Intelligence Report (SIR) which covers our research of software vulnerabilities, exploits, and malicious and potentially unwanted software from July – December 2011.

One of the main focuses of this version of the report is the ongoing threat of the Conficker worm, which threatens businesses and large organizations who use weak passwords or do not install updates to their systems.

Over the next month we’ll explore the Conficker threat and other highlights from the SIR, including how to avoid scareware and how you can prevent unwanted software with free tools from Microsoft.

Download SIR Volume 12.

Download the key findings from SIR Volume 12.

  • I received a phone call at 22:00hrs from a foreign man stating he was from Windows diagnostic department, and that I had a fault on my windows which is affecting my computer, I became suspicious immediatley, he kept saying I should listen to him, and then he asked how old my computer was, I told him to email me his details because if he had my telephone number he would have my email address He then said ok and went off the line. Can anyone throw any light on this, or is it as I think a scam to access my computer. Sue

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