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On Facebook? Download Microsoft Security Essentials for free

On Facebook? Download Microsoft Security Essentials for free

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This month Microsoft teamed up with Facebook to offer its free anti-virus protection. Microsoft Security Essentials is now one of the choices in Facebook Anti-Virus Marketplace to help protect your computer.

Microsoft Security Essentials:

  • Offers protection against viruses, worms, and other malware
  • Is free to download if you’re computer is running genuine Windows
  • Automatically updates itself with all the latest protection

And (good news), even if you don’t use Facebook, you can still download Microsoft Security Essentials for free.

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  •  Anything to help us from fraud, theft,virus infact anything to do with computers as long as we can understand the information, as I am not good on the computer.

  • Microsoft Security Essentials is a great program.  I chose it over another top antivirus program and it has picked up a couple of problems before they had a chance to become a real problem.

  • We have at work and so far no problems.

  • Microsoft Essentials does not get rid of login problem with Facebook and Lloyd TSB???!!

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