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Get advance notice about June security updates

Get advance notice about June security updates

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Today the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) posted details about the June security updates. On Tuesday, June 12 at approximately 10 AM Pacific Time Microsoft will release 8 bulletins.

The easiest way to get the updates when they're available is to turn on Windows automatic updating. For more information about how this works, see Understanding Windows automatic updating.

The Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification Service offers details about security updates approximately three business days before they are released. We do this to allow customers (especially IT professionals) to plan for effective deployment of security updates.

Advanced Notification includes information about:

  • The number of new security updates being released
  • The software affected
  • Severity levels of vulnerabilities
  • Information about any detection tools relevant to the updates
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  • Thanks for all these valuable informations. I have seized the opporunity to rise to the comprehensive version of your bulletin.

    I am doing no automatic updates as i had already problems with the order of the updates ( especially when updates occur at the same time for Visual Studio and SQL Server ). Except for these both products, no problems during the updates.

    You are doing a good work... Thanks

  • I apparently missed the updates. My update feature is stuck and has disappeared. do you know why?

  • PC speed Systems Optimezer keeps appearing on my icon.... How do I get rid of it?  I turn off computer.  What should I do?

  • When trying to go online, I get an certificate Error-----Navigation Blocked.  How do i fix this??

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