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Have you changed your passwords recently?

Have you changed your passwords recently?

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Several high-profile companies recently reported that user passwords had been stolen from their sites. If you use these sites you should login and change your password. Even if you don’t use these sites, it’s a good idea to regularly change your passwords.

Here are more ways to protect your accounts:

Don’t use the same passwords for every site. Cybercriminals steal passwords on websites that have weak security, and then they use that same password and user name in more secure environments, such as banking websites.

Create long and complex passwords. Make passwords with at least 8 characters and use a combination of letters, punctuation, symbols, and numbers. Learn what makes a strong password.

Go directly to a website to change your password. Emails that include links to change your password or ask you send password information by email to confirm your account could be fraudulent. To change your password, use your favorite links or enter the URL directly into your browser.

  • all this sounds great can I download the security features on my WindowsXP Professional?

  • how do I change my password for outlook?

  • Trying to up date my credit card info please.

    R.J. Hamilton

  • Hello,good morning

    I must tell you that is not enough to change password, because the piracy have a lot of strategies to enter in computar.They  transform Microsoft´s softwere as silverlight and updates and do a lot of criminal things as I know.

    Pay atention to tghis information.

    See you later.

    Fátima Moreira

  • my daughter changed her log in password on her vista laptop and now cant remember it she had not made a reset password disk. my wife is the administrator for our five computers, ive read she can amend this ,is this true and if so how. My daughter cant use her laptop at present . any help very much appreciated .

  • i have used this e mail all along and now i cant get on my facebook

  • My facebook account has been hacked!

  • Still do not understand how to change my password

  • If you don't know this stuff  by now,  you never will

  • I think it would be useful when you say, "Several high-profile companies..." for you to LIST which those companies are.

  • @ Brian J. Krebs:

    Here is a Microsoft page that details how to change your Outlook password: You also have to change it on the server side as well. That may be Google or your ISP. It shouldn't be too hard to figure out. If you still have trouble, comment back with more details and someone will try to help you more. Good luck!

  • I think passwords are useless.  Only the criminals or the unwarranted police have access.  I, on the other hand, hate all passwords because i cannot remember them

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