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17 percent of PCs have no anti-virus protection

17 percent of PCs have no anti-virus protection

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According to a new study by McAfee Research, one in every six personal computers has no working anti-virus protection.

Without anti-virus software your computer is vulnerable to virusesspyware, and other malicious software. In March of this year, the development tools and data services company, OPSWAT, announced that Microsoft’s free anti-virus software was the most popular antivirus program in North America during the last 12 months.

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  • would be curious to know what percentage runs with local admin full time?

  • it is good to feel safe on the internet

  • I need to uninstall Norton antivirus protection. Can you help me?

  • Good for them I don't Like Microsoft Security essentials. I tried it and still got a bug and had to reformat my pc. I was a phishing scam that i had to up date my security as if it was from Microsoft. I don't like it

  • Lot of independent security experts admit to not using Anti Virus. They say at best Anti Virus might prevent a infection. In most cases those infection could easily be prevented by a educated user. Worst case scenario the Anti Virus won't stop the infection because it's definitions never updated fast enough. I guess for me I use Security Essentials for basic protection but focus more on safe web use for real protection. I do not believe people need to spend a lot on big bulky security suites.

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