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August, 2012

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    Fraud alert: Election scams

    Cybercriminals are nothing if not timely. Whatever’s in the news, you can expect to see a phishing scam to follow. Since it's election season in the United States, we’ve started to spot scams that attempt to lure unsuspecting voters into...
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    Privacy in

    If you use Hotmail, you might have seen a message that says your mailbox can be upgraded to . In addition to a new look and feel and tools to help you be more productive, offers more privacy. You’re in control of your data...
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    Fraud alert: Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit scam

    We’ve received reports about a new phishing scam email that tells “email users across the world” to validate their email account or it will be deleted from “the world email server.” This email is fake, but it does use...
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    Avoid scam phone calls

    Gabby writes: I just wanted to let you know that I received a phone call this evening from a guy called “Daniel” from “Technical Maintenance of Microsoft Windows.” He said that Microsoft had received error messages from my computer...
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    What if I no longer have access to my secondary email address?

    Last week we answered a question about what to do if your Hotmail account is sending out spam . We mentioned resetting your password if you can’t sign in because your account has been blocked. One way you can unblock it is to respond to an email...
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    Download free security updates for August

    Microsoft releases security updates on the second Tuesday of every month. The bulletin announces the release of 9 security updates: 6 updates for Microsoft Windows 2 update for Microsoft Office 1 update for Internet Explorer Get the...
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    Get advance notice about August security updates

    Today the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) posted details about the August security updates . On Tuesday, August 14 at approximately 10 AM Pacific Time Microsoft will release 9 bulletins. The easiest way to get the updates when they're available...
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    Fraud alert: Olympics malware

    We’ve received reports of fake emails, fake websites, and other scams that take advantage of people’s interest in the 2012 Olympics. Here are our top tips for avoiding spam and malware of any kind: Use email that filters spam. (Try...
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    Help! My account is sending out spam

    Laura writes: My Hotmail email address has been hacked. Someone sent out a spam email to everyone in my address book. What do I do? If it makes you feel any better, Laura, we get this question a lot. Here’s what to do right now: If you...
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    • 8 Comments is Microsoft’s new free cloud email service for personal use. You can use with the Outlook desktop application, via the web at , or via other email apps that support Exchange ActiveSync or POP3. The...
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