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Avoid scam phone calls

Avoid scam phone calls

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Gabby writes:

I just wanted to let you know that I received a phone call this evening from a guy called “Daniel” from “Technical Maintenance of Microsoft Windows.” He said that Microsoft had received error messages from my computer and he asked me to turn my computer on and follow his directions to fix this. I told him that I would sort it out myself and hung up on him.

That sounds like a typical tech support phone scam that cybercriminals use to:

  • Trick you into downloading malicious software.
  • Take control of your computer remotely and adjust settings to leave your computer vulnerable.
  • Request credit card information so they can bill you for phony services.

Gabby did the right thing by hanging up on “Daniel.” For more information, see Avoid tech support phone scams.


  • ive had the same phone call this morning said exactly same to me please all be very wary

  • Received call from man who said he was from tech maintenance at Micro soft. said microsoft received messages from my computer. tried to get me to use certain keys. I said i would not, and hung up on him.

  • I just received a phone call from "Justin Clock" about the same thing.  "Justin said that he was from microsoft windows and that they were getting many error messages and he was going to help me fix my computer.  I told him I had a mac.  When I asked him how he knew I had a computer he could not give me an answer.

  • I got a call from somebody named Gary saying he was from Microsoft Online Support and that he wanted me to turn on My computer and follow his instructions to fix my computer. He said his phone # is 718-594-4518. I told him I would contact Microsoft to check if this was real.

  • Also received phone call from Global Tech Expert Limited 253-486-1798 or 1796; his name was Calvin and said the same, even said we may have a trojan horse.  Said he was a microsoft engineer and from a microsoft windows company. Is this for real or is this a scam? Please advise.  Thank you.

  • Just got another call from a man with an Indian accent claiming my computer was infected with a virus. This is the second one within a weeks time.  He said he was from ETech with the phone number 567-244-4191 (which is in Norwalk, Ohio, apparently). He said he was in San Fransico, then New York, but wouldn't give me an address. I told him to take me off their call list and that I was done talking to him.

  • This is what a call can sound like :-)

  • I also got called and he ask to enter WWW.AMMYY.COm to take over computer task remotely. I was foolish enough to do it and by the time I realised, he not only copied my info, but when I said stop he was about to Put a password on my PC, to stop me from using it.

    Again on Sept 10,2012, I got a similar call and just hung up.

    I have reported this to the FBI back in March, and never heard from the FBI again.

  • I received a call like this one, the caller who had a foreign accent wanted me to turn on my computer and follow his instructions.  I asked him which one?  He said the one you use, since I use several different computers and a tablet, and didn't know which one, I realized the caller was a scam and hung up the phone.

  • I own a small computer repair shop in central New Jersey.  Had two customers come in this week stating that they got calls.  The callers identified themselves as Microsoft Certified Techs.  They ran defrag and claimed all the "red" lines were "infections" on the computer that they could "resolve" for the right sum of money.

  • I have been getting these same calls for well over a year. Nothing would make them stop alling.  Now I just tell them I don't have a computer and they seem surprised and hang up.

  • Yes, someone phoned my husband saying they were from Microsoft and he said oh email with your details, the guy hung up.  They then called again and my dopey 19 year old started doing what they said.  WE still don't know yet what she did she's not come home yet after a night out so hopefully its not too serious~!

  • What is Microsoft doing about these scam phone calls we are all getting? Are they investigating and trying to put a stop to them or just ignoring them and letting the public get duped?

  • We have received dozens of these calls over the past 18 months. The person claims they are from Windows support and they were getting error messages from my computer. FYI - Microsoft does NOT cold call their customers. These people want one of two things - access to your computer and/or your credit card information so they can bill you for "fixing the problem". Don't fall for it - instead report them to Phone Busters of similar agencies that deal with phone fraud.

  • I told them I didn't have a computer and hung up.  

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