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Avoid scam phone calls

Avoid scam phone calls

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Gabby writes:

I just wanted to let you know that I received a phone call this evening from a guy called “Daniel” from “Technical Maintenance of Microsoft Windows.” He said that Microsoft had received error messages from my computer and he asked me to turn my computer on and follow his directions to fix this. I told him that I would sort it out myself and hung up on him.

That sounds like a typical tech support phone scam that cybercriminals use to:

  • Trick you into downloading malicious software.
  • Take control of your computer remotely and adjust settings to leave your computer vulnerable.
  • Request credit card information so they can bill you for phony services.

Gabby did the right thing by hanging up on “Daniel.” For more information, see Avoid tech support phone scams.


  • The same thing happened to me last night at 6pm - I was completely taken in although crossexamined the person (from Micr.. Technical Support) very carefully. Gave cc AS HE said it would only cost £10 for life long fix - found out this morning by ringing cc company in fact £168.90 taken. Have canx the cc and also blocked access to online banking account- new account security being arranged.  Now wiping clean the computer and backing up - will have to reinstall everything to be sure no further problems. Anything else I should do?  apart from never being taken in by this again!!

  • Hello, further to my earlier comment, I was told by the engineer, Clayton Scott, that I needed a Microsoft System Protector - he even gave me the license number and his employee number.  Spoke to his supervisor, Jack Li, who sent me a wordpad message as if from Microsoft.  The telephone numbers are 0870 6010100 and 0203 286 4834.  The 0870 number is an old genuine Microsoft number I believe as it gives the correct Microsoft number 0844 800 2400 when dialled.  These scam people also knew Windows name and details that could only be found if from Microsoft (or so I thought!!). Please be very aware - I feel very stupid having fallen for this scam.

  • Ask yourself;

    1. How come the calling "support" knows you have a computer?

    2. How do they know your telephone number?

    3. How do they connect your computer's IP with your telephone-number!?

    They've called me three times, the first time I told them to go and fu*k themselves.

    The second time I was trying to understand their "business-scheme".

    The third time, I spent as much time as I could on the phone in order to steal as much time and money from them as possible (less time for them to pester a hapless victim).

  • OMG!! same call I received last week , didn't give credit info but did fall for them to access computer. now I have to get new one...

  • I have had several of these phone calls over the last few years I have given progesively ruder replies but they must have the hide of a Rhino because they always come back for more abbuse.

  • also received a  call. I told him he was full of ---- and hung up.

  • The same thing happened to me. But I have a mac so i knew it was some kind of scam!

  • Same thing happened to me tonight! Phone call was from 2543001712830171283

  • I have received 3 of these calls this week. The last one said he was Shane Wilson, and he was from Microsoft Management, and suggested that I call microsoft at 949 390 9699 to validate. That number is a cell number from Anaheim, CA.

  • want to check out company called my tech guru on 08081598763

  • I just got a call like this.  Since the caller ID said "Unknown", I asked him how I could be sure that he was from Microsoft.  I asked if I could call Microsoft customer service directly & get help that way, knowing that I was dealing with Microsoft, and he directed me to a website: where I could see a logo.  I didn't even go there, since when I told him my husband's employer required & oversaw our home virus protection software & that I would have to clear any changes with them first, he said, "Then just leave it m'am, just leave it.  I can see you are not trusting us."

  • Just recieved phone call from number (212 586 9325) from someone saying they are from microsoft and that I have malicious software or a virus on my computer. When I asked them to send all relevent info to my address he hung up. Name on phone came up V025015524000006.

  • Answered a unknown call today on my husbands cell, the man told me he was calling from microsoft and that my computer was in danger of a worm or virus, several error reports had been sent to them. I told this guy that the phone number he called on was not registered with the home computer he ask what that number was? I said if your with Microsoft you should know it, he them told me to turn on my computer and he would instruct me to fix the problem, I ask him where he was calling from and he said US California, I them ask him for a phone number that I could call back at a better time, he said he couldnt do that, so I ask what the city was he was calling from again he said US California, I ask what the city was again, after a pause he said San Diego, then I ask for the zip code he paused then gave me a six digit number, I told him he failed the quiz and he hung up. Warning, ask questions please even if you get into a shouting match as I did.

  • I received a phone call this evening from “Technical Maintenance of Microsoft Windows.” He said that Microsoft had received error messages from my computer and he asked me to turn my computer on and follow his directions to fix this. I told him that I would contact Microsoft myself and hung up on him. I then ran a full scan of my computer and found no threats.

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