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Download security update for Internet Explorer

Download security update for Internet Explorer

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Today Microsoft released a security update for Internet Explorer. To help protect your computer, visit Windows Update to download and install the update and ensure that you have automatic updating turned on.

Note: This update replaces the Fix it that we posted earlier this week. If you install this update, you do not need the Fix it. If you already installed the Fix it, you still need to install this update.

For technical details, see:

  • Running Internet Explorer 8 on XP. Since last security update (today) I cannot connect to links, e.g., CNN, Microsoft.\: "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage."

  • i have security problems in browsing. at every click show a window to get the security certificate.  

  • The update that fixes this issue is KB2744842?

  • I have been having many intermittant instances Int. explorer not responding.

  • Hi Can i Download the secuirity update

  • i have so many virus

    can you help

  • this is not work croct

  • My computer is updated automatically every time I opened my internet and this really help me. Thank you very much

  • my computer is held when i open the facebook

  • Computer very slow - have a virus.  Already have virus protection - what should I do to remove?

  • my computer need virus installed i do not know how i disabled it.Help

  • Ok, i've installed an update,but IE 9 is still going in crash, with 2 modules STACK & ADOBE FLASH PLAYER/a latest version/,and a IE 64 get this problems more often than 32v.

    So is this update fix all problems or many but not all???

  • My problem with accessing Face Book, which began 09/16/2012, has not been resolved. FB has not blocked me.  Can be accessed from another computer. What can be done?

  • why can i not get player

  • Hello

    hope somebody will fix it, an update fix only IE x86, but the problems

    still exist in IE x64 & AdobeFPL!

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