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Download security update for Internet Explorer

Download security update for Internet Explorer

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Today Microsoft released a security update for Internet Explorer. To help protect your computer, visit Windows Update to download and install the update and ensure that you have automatic updating turned on.

Note: This update replaces the Fix it that we posted earlier this week. If you install this update, you do not need the Fix it. If you already installed the Fix it, you still need to install this update.

For technical details, see:

  • Windows Update does NOT list this update when I "visit". I checked my update history and it has not been installed so, WHERE IS THE UPDATE?

  • I received the update, but can not install it.  Keep receiving error code 80070643.  I have tried the fixes mentioned in the support forums.  Any one else having this problem?  Thanks in advance for any suggestions.  

  • Update fails.  All fixes on error message don't work.  Can not "repair" Windows thru reinstall process as "upgrade path" fails because machhine is already at a higher level.  Machine is clean.  Have done several different virus & malware screens in safe mode.  You need to relook at this updare.

  • This morning my microsoft update seemed to work ok. I'm confused.

  • my girlfriend speaks so high of Microsoft Security Essentials that i think she loves it more than me thank you from me and my girlfriend 

  • Please advise me on a way to locate media center 6 download and install I Will post advisories about Microsoft Security Essentials on my Facebook front page thank you CRWSMUSH....

  • Internet Explorer security updates

  • my computer need virus installed i do not know how i disabled it.Help 

  • need help

  • its a bit slow

  • Why was all this software installed on my laptop on 9/13/12 without my permission. I may have other Malware software that I prefer on my Google Chrome based platform!

  • Why weren't we asked if we wanted this install prior to it automatically populating my hard drive?

  • I own a desktop computer with Windows XP Home Edition. I still have Internet Explorer 6. I want to upgrade to Internet Explorer 8. Please show me a written step by step instruction on how to do it. Thank you.

  • Please make This very simple

  • thank you!

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