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Scams relating to the recent Microsoft Security Advisory

Scams relating to the recent Microsoft Security Advisory

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Microsoft recently released a security update for Internet Explorer in response to Security Advisory 2757760.

Scammers will often use news items (especially those relating to computer security) to try to trick you into downloading malicious software or to steal your personal information. Scammers claiming to be from Microsoft might also contact you by phone and offer to help fix your computer.

Neither Microsoft nor our partners make unsolicited phone calls (also known as cold calls) to charge you for computer security or software fixes. For more information, see Avoid tech support phone scams.

If you receive a phone call about the recent Internet Explorer update or about another technical support issue, hang up. If you’re in the United States and you want to report the scam, the best place to report phone fraud is the Federal Trade Commission. For more information, see Reporting phone fraud.

If you receive a scam via email or a website, you can use Microsoft tools to report it.

  • Last week some one got onto my bank account and robed $ 369.20.

    Fortunately the bank returned my money.

    My wife's account was also robed but this time the bank is investigating and

    so She is waiting for the Bank's response,She don't know what may happen.

  • Saturday Sept. 29, 2012 2:03 pm PDT

    By phone an east Indian voice phone call came through on a phone number simply recorded and listed as 3010 on Call Display.  After the phone rang and a little time delay, the caller told me he was from Windows and that I had malware on my computer and he would show me how to clean it up.  I told him my computer was fine but he proceeded to try to convince me otherwise.  I hung up. This 3010 number has been calling us before at least twice this month.

  • Please get  a hold of me, i need help with retrieving inform. i had on my old email address, it has been hacked and had to get new email address. please get back with me, so dumb on all this, dont know what to do. PLEASE!!!!!NEW EMAIL ADDRESS,

  • Hi I have a guy phoning me at the moment claiming he works for microsoft telling me i have errors on my computer and that i need to get it sorted or my computer will crash He told me to hold down the microsoft key and the letter r key at the same time and a box appears and then i had to type in eventvwr and a list of errors came up. He was looking for £120.00 to fix the problem and he said i would have no more problems. My No is 007802 454227 if u would like to contact me.  

  • Hello, I have MSE installed, updated and just ran a scan earlier today.  So why do I have a message that keeps popping up saying that my virus protection is turned off and my laptop is at risk?  If the message is right, how do I turn on the virus protection?  I can't seem to find the way to do this.  My laptop runs XP.  Thanks.

  • Hello,

    I have recently received 2 calls from people I can barely understand telling me that Microsoft has received numerous error messages from my computer.  I have asked for their phone numbers so I can call them back and both numbers they give me do not work.  Is this also an issue or do you call if you are receiving error messages?

    Thanks so much

  • I have the same problem as reported by Peter on 1st Oct 2012. The Windows Security Alert tell me that I have no protection at every start up. Indeed the virus protection is turned off in Windows Securtity Center but at the same time MS Security Essentials tells me I am protected and up to date. Why has this started to happen after several years of using Essentials? Should I turn on the virus protction in Windows security? Am I really protected?

  • My laptop has been acting up, I'm a complete novice and not sure where things like E;\file is (no luck with backing up files) and also complete fade-outs of programmes or frozen screen. I ran a Malwarebytes check and it found 47 infections, quarantined, most were from Mywebsearch and Adware. I have Deleted them all but would I be better deleting Mywebsearch and Adware altogether from my computer? Don't know where they are on my programmes.

  • Received a scam call from a "John Martine" claiming to be from Microsoft Tech Support, saying he was receiving messages from my computer, and that malicious viruses had been downloaded.  He wanted me to open the computer and follow his instructions.  I asked for a call back number which was 718-618-4749. He said they were located in Brooklyn, NY. A reverse lookup showed as a telemarketer with many complaints.  They are using the Microsoft name to get into your computer.  

  • i just received a phone call and let them into my computer since they could give me my operating system id#.  I didn't give them any money for security defense, but realized to late it was a scam.  I don't know what I should do now.

  • I have the same problem as Peter and CW. The Windows Security Alert tells me I have no secuity protection. Indeed the virus protection is turned off in the Windows Security Center but at the same time Microsoft Security Essentials shows that I am protected and up to date. How do I turn it on? Am I really protected? My provider seems to think that my computer is infected. Am I?

  • Sad to say I knew nothing about this and let them access my laptop.  I am currently scanning my pc with safety scanner and malicious software removal tools as stated on this site.  I'm a little upset that this hasn't been actually emailed to all users, surely there is a way.  I've worked in aIT and know that call centres are often baed in InDia, I have a lot going on at the mo so fell for it and boy do I know it.  However, I've also had stuff saying my security software wasn't working so installed Kaspersky Pure but had to uninstall McAffee to do so, obviously in the 15mins downtime they gained access!  I am so upset!

  • Just got off the phone with someone claiming that their server has been intercepting error messages that my computer has allegedly been trying to send to Microsoft whenever I try to get online for the past 25 days.  This error message contains my computer license ID.  He had my name, phone number and address and suggested that I verify what he's saying by finding out my computer license ID.  He told me to go to the run box and type in CMD.OK and that my id would show in the black box.  I didn't do this and got his number and the name of his company.  Neither show up on a google search.  Before hanging up, he said that he's trying to warn me that someone's been trying to hack into my computer via my internet connection and don't blame him if something happens to my computer.  Any thoughts?

  • I've had the same problem as Peter and CW re: virus protection 'off' for now reason. Have you had any responses?

  • WHAT  about the  "Up-dates"  for  ADOBE  Flash-Player  11.  something ? I've had several  "request's ??   Thanks    

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