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Get security updates for November

Get security updates for November

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Microsoft releases security updates on the second Tuesday of every month. 

The bulletin announces the release of 6 security updates. 

Download the security updates for Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, and Internet Explorer.

Watch a video about the updates.

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  • updates windows or activate windows

  • sometimes i go some where and dont know any thing about it. my first time having a computer and dont know to much yet.

  • I am having trouble with an error code and trying to fix it 80070670 can you help me find out what this error is and why it's failing to let me install a windows defender update. Thanks.  look forward to hearing from you.

  • I continue to get this blue screen where windows has shut down. I have done numerous virsus scans and i don't have any. what could be the problem. also is my windows 7 up to date?

  • I keep getting "not able to install" on my latest update, I uninstalled Microsoft Security Essentials and reintalled it...I can't get rid of warning that I didn't install update but my "new" MSE is fine and up to date.


  • I don't like whene my compiuter doasen't run

  • how do I turn on windows defender...a small box comes on and says that it is turned off..i cannot find the program on my computer...I have windows 8,64 bit..i am running avast...doe's this disable defender...thanks,mike

  • unable to start virus protection, will not switch on in Security Essentials

    same on home network 2 computers Syncronized R e gards AD

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