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Keep Windows and all your software up to date

Keep Windows and all your software up to date

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Security vendor Kaspersky recently released a report that listed the top 10 vulnerabilities it detected on its computers. There were no Microsoft products on the list.

Read the report to see which products were affected

Some security experts suspect that the decrease in vulnerabilities comes as more systems utilize the automatic updating feature in Windows. In the newest versions of Windows, automatic updating is turned on during installation.

Not sure if you have automatic updating turned on? Get updates now

The Kaspersky data also serves as a reminder to update all your software, not just your Microsoft software. Computerworld reports that Adobe will start releasing its Flash Player updates on the second Tuesday of each month, which aligns with Microsoft security updates. 

  • it's a good thing i'm up to date

  • Fix it!

  • I love what you have done with Windows thank you


  • hi  i'm facing probleems with my computer over 1 months and still cant fix it also  i cant sign  my account on facebook due to some of the key board is block and its flicking the screen some time get larger  as well if you can fix it for me! thank you!

  • I am recieving ,Two of most of my EM.How can I stop this.thank you.

  • Keep your machine up2date

  • I dont know what happened to me with my yahoo skype and xfire text has all vanished I can type but cant view my text or the other persons text so these 3 things are unavailable to me!Any ideas why ???

  • I opened this to read the top 10 security problems.  Where are they???

    Is this a joke?

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