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Virus protection: Real or Rogue?

Virus protection: Real or Rogue?

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The newly launched Real vs. Rogue Facebook app from Microsoft features an interactive quiz to help you tell if a security warning is from your real antivirus software or from rogue security software.

There has been an increase in rogue security software over the last few years. It often piggybacks on new software releases and displays fake warnings with the intent to confuse unfamiliar users. This Real vs. Rogue Facebook app can help all of us think twice before we click anywhere near a security warning.

Take the Real vs. Rogue quiz to test your knowledge



  • help me to learn to trust in microsoft again but also allow me to play my bingo because you see, I am paralized, and am wheelchair bound and have nothing else that I can do alone now.

  • please help me how to use my virus protector always ready

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