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Get security updates for January

Get security updates for January

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Microsoft releases security updates on the second Tuesday of every month.

The bulletin announces the release of 7 security updates.

Download the January security updates for Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft Developer Tools, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Server Software, and Microsoft Windows.

Watch a video about the updates

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  • Dear Sir/Ms

    I keep getting a message that the Microsoft Security

    Essentials is turned off-can you help me?

    Thank you so much

  • Interested.

  • Can anyone help with the serious hotmail outages and downtimes the past couple days ?!?

    Julie Anne

  • Why does is my Windows Firewall always the last thing to load when booting? The delay is just a little frustrating, but tolerable (sort of). regards, Ray

  • Have done my updates

  • help         getting 35 to 38 junk mail aday

  • i tried to get to microsoft and a supposely pc fixer popped up called itok, i think i have gotten scammed, i was having problem getting into my email, thats why i wanted microsoft to see if you could help, but they popped up before i could get through to microsoft, i just wanted you to be aware of it

  • I hope these up dates work haveing trouble with windows7 , its only one year old , I just got it year or so, haveing troble with up dates,  when I got it was working good, now haveing northing but trouble.

  • Security Breach, turn on Samsung cell unwanted page a .com appeared not my home page which is . The page that appeareared was a thief of a Diamond Store "Ultra Store". Since ur the provider if Bing search engine I'll report this to Piracy.Com/Safe Habor/andvPolice department/DOJ.


  • I can't download the Security Update for Windows (KB2757638). It would always say "failed." Please help.

  • my microsoft essentials virus protection is out of date but i am unable to update

  • @Sister Dolorosa

    Open MSE by double clicking the, hopefully green, MSE icon next to the "clock" on the Taskbar (bottom right of screen)Click on "Settings" tab then Real-time protection, uncheck the box (click on it) next to "Turn on real-time protection" Next click on "Save Changes" wait'til MSE turns red then check the box again, "Save Changes" again then close MSE. The Security Center warning should diappear.

  • get too much spam

  • I think this is just what I need

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