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Download a new security update for Internet Explorer

Download a new security update for Internet Explorer

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Today Microsoft released a security update for Internet Explorer. To help protect your computer, visit Windows Update to download and install the update and ensure that you have automatic updating turned on.

Watch a video about this update.

For technical details, see Microsoft Security Advisory (2794220).



  • My anti virus protection is off. I have xp windows.  I can't get it back on. What do I do?  I believe it has automatic updates that have been working. The firewall is ok

  • The security download had no effects on my computer.

  • no captioning?  I'm deaf.. captions or a transcript would be much appreciated.

  • i got a security windows backer when i change pages on my yahoo web pages evry time i need to change pages the security blocker pops up i got to use the securtiy word to access it to move it out of the way then it pops back again again i do i remove it

  • I rec'd update needed for MS Security Essentials, KB2754296, but when trying to load, error msg said it couldn't find folder epp.msi to install into.

  • When I turn my computer on a message at the bottom of the screen says I don't have the firewall turned on. I click on the message and Windows Security Center opens showing that my firewall and automatic updates is turned on.


  • My Virus Protection says that it is out of date, I am unable to rectify this problem. how do I get this operating once more

  • what good are all these security updates u cant use your auto updates

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