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Watch out for prize scams

Watch out for prize scams

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We’ve seen an increase in scam email messages that promise recipients they have won some kind of prize or a lottery. These unsolicited messages will often claim that the prize is sponsored by Microsoft or another well-known company. They request personal information that cybercriminals can use for identity theft.

Do not respond to these fraudulent messages with personal information. There is no Microsoft Lottery.

For more information, see:

  • I still need help. I can't download the Security Update for Windows (KB2757638). It would always say "failed." Please help.

  • lso look out for hackers getting into your computer pretending to be police officials. I recently had this happen to my computer, where they lock your computer, and tell you youve violated copyright laws or looked at porn,and they ask you to send 100 or more dollars or pay a fine, to unlock your comuter. Its false!! RANSOMWARE

  • How do I get rid of these email scams on my computer screen?

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