Are you the parent or teacher of a tech-savvy teen who plays it safe online and loves to act, write, draw, sing, or crunch numbers? Or maybe you're a talented teen who would jump at a chance to serve the greater good and win a cool prize?

Learn more about the Safer Online Teen Challenge

You have 1 month to get the word out or to spend a couple fun hours creating one or more (unlimited!) entries. We must receive all submissions no later than 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time on April 12, 2013.


Take up the challenge, or encourage others to. Spread the word to your Twitter community with these sample tweets:

  •        Enter @Safer_Online #Teen Challenge. Share your creativity for a chance at great prizes! #SOteen
  •        Great contest! Teens can learn about online safety & win cool prizes #SOteen
  •        Get creative in Microsoft’s @Safer_Online #Teen Challenge for chance to #win fun prizes: #SOteen
  •        Tell creative teens about #MSFT @Safer_Online Challenge & help foster #digitalcitizenship: #SOteen
  •        If you're a teen playing it safe online, enter Microsoft’s @Safer_Online Teen Challenge to #win prizes: #SOteen

If you have access to a community bulletin board, print and share our poster.