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Microsoft Security Intelligence Report v14: Why antivirus software matters

Microsoft Security Intelligence Report v14: Why antivirus software matters

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The latest volume of the Security Intelligence Report (SIR) highlights the importance of using antivirus software.

Antivirus software helps protect your computer from malicious software (malware) and can be downloaded or installed inexpensively or at no charge. Still, according to the SIR v14 findings, 24 percent of computers worldwide were not running up-to-date antivirus software, leaving them 5.5 times more likely to be infected with viruses.

Possible reasons why your computer may not be protected:

This new edition of the SIR compares infections on protected and unprotected computers, offering evidence as to how many people are not using up-to-date antivirus software and are thus facing increased risk.

If you don’t have antivirus software, Microsoft recommends that you download it now from Microsoft or from another trusted vendor. If you already have Windows 8, antivirus software is included with the operating system. You are not required to do anything to set it up. If you are using older versions of Windows, Microsoft provides a free antivirus software called Microsoft Security Essentials, which can be downloaded from our website. Many of our partners also offer antivirus software.

Data used in the SIR analysis includes (but is not limited to):

  • Threat intelligence from more than 1 billion systems in more than 100 countries and regions.
  • Microsoft Security Essentials—operating globally in more than 30 languages.
  • Malicious Software Removal Tool—downloaded and executed more than 1 billion times in the second half of 2012.
  • Billions of pages scanned by Bing each day.

Learn more about the SIR findings related to antivirus protection.

Take action to help protect your computer and reduce the risk of becoming a victim to cybercrime:

  • Where is the link for the free ms download for the anti spyware?  I had it earlier but lost it.


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    Thxs Norm

  • I cant tell if the program downloaded again or is opperating at all.

  • I also have the program installed but the off button for the antivius won't switch to the on position .

  • did you find the answer to this??

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  • why my desktop always shutdown? what are the good things or right way to repair my computer?

  • Security Essentials anti virus switches off . I am on automatic updates.  Should I buy a better virus protection software.

    Seems Microsoft has no answer or wi8ll not fix thyis

  • *Jerry T

    Here´s the link:


    Alejandro Ortiz G.

    Marketing Director

    Servicios Internos Incorporated

    Microsoft Partner ID:4298195712

  • how can installed an anti virus

  • I installed Maccaffee 2 months ago. I should be protected.  Paid and accepted by them.  I have receipt and password


  • its good you know

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