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Fraud alert: Free "Xbox points"

Fraud alert: Free "Xbox points"

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Although Microsoft was founded 38 years ago this month, don't fall for a widespread scam that offers free “Xbox points” for wishing the company a happy birthday. Online offers that seem too good to be true probably are. Learn more about common scams that use the Microsoft name.

One way to recognize a scam is to check for inaccurate spelling or wording. Points used on Xbox LIVE Marketplace are actually called “Microsoft Points” (not “Xbox points”). You can purchase them on your console dashboard at or at a video game retailer. Learn more about Microsoft Points and Xbox LIVE Rewards.

See our Facebook page message about this scam

  • There is repeated violation of my privacy while using my hotmail account. I do not know exactly where to report that. I need your advice.  

  • I do not use x-box and do not want anyone else to mess up my computer with it as on April 25 2013.  Please remove and block any users to x-box on my computer.  Dottie Saunders

  • Truste?

  • I do not use x-box...Please remove and block any users to x-box on my computer.

  • I do not understand computing machines. Please remove any users and block x-box from my whizyjig.

  • Mine X-BOX is for violation too. When will it fix it?

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