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Free tool helps prevent viruses

Free tool helps prevent viruses

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One of the best defenses against viruses and other kinds of malicious software is ensuring that all of your built-in security settings are turned on and running smoothly.

Microsoft offers a free tool that will help diagnose and fix Windows security settings, so you don’t have to think about it.

Note: The Microsoft Malware Prevention troubleshooter does not work with Windows 8. Windows 8 includes Windows Defender, which is turned on by default.

Run the Microsoft Malware Prevention troubleshooter

Some examples of what it does:

  • Checks status of your antivirus software and prompts you to update it.
  • Checks Windows Update to help ensure your computer is kept current and secure.
  • Resets User Account Control to default to help prevent unauthorized changes to your computer.
  • Checks Internet Explorer privacy settings for safer browsing.
  • Clears Internet Explorer history and cache.
  • Checks if your version of Internet Explorer is up to date.

Learn more about the Microsoft Malware Prevention troubleshooter


    This uninvited "Inbox" shows up when I select internet browser icon on Dell screen.  I use Google. "Inbox" pitches an email service.  I see nothing about it  related to Google.  Seems like a hi-jacking.  Also, it has been impossible to locate a usable, applicable venue for contacting appropriate genuises about this.  Hence, I am using this blog, hoping appropriate parties will pick it up and take care of the problem.  In the meantime, I am taking two actions:  1)  I safely accesss my regular web browser homepage by selecting my Dell start button, typing goole in the search field and selecting in the results; 2)  I will run both Mechanical Professional and Malware programs, hoping to cleans my computer of "Inbox."  First saw problem yesterday.  Thank you.

  • Well, tried installing but windows phone is not supported

  • Tried to send results, But none of codes worked. very difficult to recognize

  • Doesn't work on my new Windows 8 PC.  Not sure why Microsoft Security sent it.  May be malware.

  • Evidently this program will not work in Windows 8. I just tried and got a message that it is not compatible with my system.

  • I ran the malware prevention troubleshooter   but never received any report/Itjust said we will fix things/

    is it legit?

  • Could not install it, Error 80072EFD

  • Couldn't get malware prevention  troubleshooter to finish what it started

  • Tried installing as well but Windows 8 is not supported

  • Didn't run this as following good practice it is reported as being from an untrusted location.

    Good one Microsoft.

  • Just uninstall anything that says INBOX and change your homepage back to what you'd like.

    Remember, it's easier to fix a no that should have been a yes, than a yes that should have been a NO.

    Think before you click next.

  • The program will not run on my Windows 8 64-bit system

  • It will not work with Windows 8. I hope that Microsoft will work on further development of tools like these.

  • The blog clearly states : "The Microsoft Malware Prevention troubleshooter does not work with Windows 8."

    So of course 5 out of 13 of the previous posters are taking the time and trouble to say, Hey, what gives, it doesn't work on Windows 8 ...

    No-one has yet noticed that this tool will reset IE privacy settings and also set Microsoft Updates to download-and-install-without-asking, which is not necessarily what eveybody wants.

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