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How to combat tech support phone scams

How to combat tech support phone scams

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Nana writes:

“I received a telephone call at home from a person claiming to be from “Microsoft Operating Systems.” He had an urgent need to "fix" a virus. I had trouble understanding him, and when I starting asking questions, he got frustrated. Was this person calling from Microsoft?”

This person was not calling from Microsoft. Microsoft will not make unsolicited phone calls about computer security or software fixes. If you receive a call like this one, it’s a scam and all you need to do is hang up.

If you’ve already given your computer access to someone who called and claimed to be from Microsoft tech support, do the following:

  • Reset your computer’s password. Learn how to change your Windows 8 password. If you’re not using Windows 8, Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete, and then click Change a password. Make sure it’s a strong password.
  • Scan your computer with the Microsoft Safety Scanner to find out if you have malware installed on your computer.
  • Make sure you’re using antivirus software. Windows 8 includes antivirus protection that’s turned on by default. If your computer isn’t running Windows 8, download Microsoft Security Essentials for free. Note that Microsoft Security Essentials is a free program. If someone calls you to install this product and then charges you for it, this is also a scam.

If you gave someone your credit card information to pay for services, contact your credit card company and alert them to this fraudulent purchase.

More information about how to avoid tech support phone scams.

  • I (and my family) get these calls on a regular basis. When they call I tell them they have called the wrong number - because my systems run Linux not Windows. This renders them confused and they don't know what to say next.

  • I've had them too. I laughed at the guy because I know Microsoft doesn't make personal calls and just hung up. Now I don't answer, (call display) and let the answering machine take the call. Guess what?...No message left. lmao

  • i known all the companie how running this fake tech support

    scam if anyone want to catch them . i can help them to get all the information


    name of the company

    where are they located


  • Watch out even if you initiated the contact.  I did because of a security issue and because the Microsoft technician could not speak English well enough to accomplish anything and out of frustration I allowed him access to my computer.  He rendered it inoperable and my subsequent contacts with Microsoft were totally fruitless.  The only solution was to buy a new computer which means another Microsoft operating system was sold!  Good for them, I suppose!


    There is one more company PAYBYPASS.COM

    which is also involved in this kind of SCAM.

    They will provide merchant accounts to You to charge Your customers and after that they will not pay you.

    Beware of these SCAMMERS and FRAUDSTERS

  • Just got the same type of call... He was scrambling to answer my interrogations. Glad I answered the phone.

  • I am in Sydney Australia and received many phone calls tonight from Indian sounding people in an office(many people talking) re: problems with my computer and they needed to get in and fix it. I asked for phone number, rang it and got the same person. No ID. Rang again and got the manager and of course he says Hello Windows Security. Then proceeds to tell me his name is John Smith. They have continued to ring and I have said I need to ask someone before doing anything. Luckily I rang someone and then I came and looked here though just coming back online has freaked me out as they said they could access my computer!!

  • Just had the same, he told me he wanted to verify my microsoft id number. He knew my name and address,

    I said ' are you sure my name isnt.. You stupid ****ing idiot' and he hung up!

  • Operating from Jodhpur, Jaipur etc these scammers are operating right under the nose of the Indian Goverment and they should be caught my the police and telecom authorities.

    A few website names are, etc

  • I told him that I was on the do not call register and to remove me from his list. The number was 780-409-4786 out of Alberta. In these situations, I put in my cell phone the number under "Garbage" with the date of the call.

  • I have just received one of these calls, after telling the man that there was nothing wrong with my computer and to romove my number form their list, he informed me that my computer had been hacked several times and that I needed to switch it on so that he could help me clear it up!  My reply........... I don't think so

  • I needed tech support & called 1877-778-1751. The man asked to call me back and did so from (302) 319-2029. He said he could help me get my email sign on back and asked for remote access to my computer. I allowed him and after a while I realized it may of been a scam!! I couldn't understand him because of accent and he changed what he was doing most of the time! I didn't take precaution thinking it was Outlook/Hotmail customer support

  • They called me when I said I only use Linux, the person hung up immediately.

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