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Support for Windows XP ends soon

Support for Windows XP ends soon

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The first thing you need to know: Support for Windows XP ends on April 8, 2014. You can get solutions to your Windows XP security issues now, but not for too much longer. If you’re still using Windows XP, you’re missing out on all kinds of security, productivity, and performance enhancements available in Windows 7 and in Windows 8.

If your computer is running Windows XP, you should take action. After April 8, 2014, Microsoft will no longer provide new security updates, non-security hotfixes, free or paid assisted support options, or online technical content updates for Windows XP. Learn more about the product lifecycle.

To continue to get support, including security updates and updates to help your computer be more reliable, consider an upgrade sooner rather than later.

If you choose to continue using an unsupported version of Windows XP, Windows will continue to start and run. However, you won’t receive any software updates, including security updates that can help protect your computer. Think of it like an older car with non-working airbags: The car still works, but it’s not the safest ride in town.

Learn more about what it means if your version of Windows is no longer supported

  • I recommand people stay with Windows XP. Once MS abandons it, the open source community will be able to release patched and fixes.

    This is how many people still use Windows 98 as their system of choice. The open community made kernelex that allowed running new program in old system Plus release patches to fix problems.

    Windows Xp will be safe.

  • why do i get  insufficient permission when i try to download any thin. on my windows xp laptop

  • can I install norton anti virus for protection /

  • So, what you're saying is Windows XP will no longer no longer be supported by Microsoft...if this is correct, is the problem solved just by downloading Windows 7 or Windows 8?  And if I do this, what happens to Windows XP?  Do I have to uninstall Windows XP?  I'm confused!!  Please tell me how to correct this problem.  I have a Gateway 2004 yr Main computer and an Acer 2011yr Laptop that both support Windows XP, and work just fine as is [no problems with either]!

  • I am sure that MS software - all types of update and fixes etc - are very good and their marketing is also effective, and I like the majority of what I have seen and used - BUT -

    their user friendliness and ease of use when trying to install these fixes/options is clumsy and confusing and not often in a logical or sequential order.  Can you please rectify this?

    A useful and effective piece of softwate update/fix or even a hotmail security process is issued through a shoddy, seemingly untested, process with insufficient clarification.  Why not put better labelling on the instructions and test it to make sure that an average user can follow it without getting frustrated, and have logical sequences of screen instructions.  For example: on Hotmail login/security checks when an ID/password has failed; the various help screens just say "enter password or code", but for which of the linked hotmail accounts? the one that was being rejected, or one of the other good identities? Guess and get it wrong and you have to go round the full loop again, and maybe again.  Similarly when a clearance security code is issued by email for clearing the rejection of the failed login, why not say which Hotmail acct the code is required for?  I didn't really want my various hotmail and live accts totally linked (for a borderline convenience to me or MS) but especially not when it serves to confuse Help msgs.  Please simply the process and test them out on average people, not just on experienced MS engineeers.

    I used to do this sort of testing and implementation for a living, so I would be happy to offer advice and examples to assist, if you get stuck!   Regards but with a plea for clarity.

  • i have windows 7 and have used windows 8 and i dont like either..should have used xp as a platform and build from program they ever had and they have todelete need new management  or your going to loose it all

  • Since support for Microsoft XP will no longer get support and etc

    How do I connect to open communty for patches and help down the road

    I like the current status of my computor don't want to change any thing


  • I am a senior citizen and live on a fixed income.  I think this plan to allow but not protect my computer w/ Windows XP is not helpful for me.  I can't afford a new computer and this age of technology, while wonderful in many ways, is not user friendly for people such as me.  How can you help me, from losing the help I need from you so that I don't need to spend a lot of money on a new system?

  • Sometime back I installed Windows 7.  Stuck with it for several frustrating months, after which I had it uninstalled and went back to XP.  Windows 7 was terrible...totally non-intuitive!  XP is just fine and works quite well for me.  Wonder if your decisions are customer oriented or totally new sales oriented?!

  • let's face, we need to progress.  i'm like alot of people--loved xp until i got windows 7 professional and love it.  don't like windows 8 and it does have problems just like vista.  i have 2 towers with windows 7 and a laptop with windows 7 and wouldn't change for anything.  you can get a copy of windows 7 for about $200.00 and change over from xp to 7.  everything runs bigger on xp and a bit smaller on 7.  xp is an excellent operating system and it's too bad they are ending support.

  • I agree with Kathleen above-I can't afford a shiny new computer which will run the (already obsolete!) later versions of Windows.Why don't Microsoft slim down their software so a mega-processor is not needed to run it?

  • If it ain't busted, why mend it ? (Other than a cynical attempt to raise more funds)

  • I have three computers-two on XP and one on 7. The two on XP will not support 7 or 8 and I cannot afford upgrades. I have no clue how many systems use XP, but it must be substantial. I suspect that most of us will not be happy with Microsoft. I am going to find alternatives and stop using as much Microsoft software as I can--Open Office v4 is great for docs, spreadsheets, etc. Someone will fill the gap when XP operating system is no longer supported. Microsoft no longer has a monopoly on the production software.

  • Now you can see where all those Microsoft profits come from. Leave Microsoft, go to Apple!!!

  • This required move to Windows 8 from XP will mean the end of our little Newsletter for retired members of a seafaring group, The C.P.Coaster's.  We do not have funds to both buy a new Windows 8 computer and the $500 Microsoft Publisher that Windows 8 requires.  For the last 26 years we enjoyed the backwards compatability of both Windows and Publisher, however this is now over and spells the end for our groups newsy letter.  We are not impressed !!  

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