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Kids and Internet safety: What’s the right age?

Kids and Internet safety: What’s the right age?

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If it seems like the kids who are fiddling with Internet-connected devices look younger and younger lately, it’s because they are. A few months ago, we asked you, When should kids go online?  

You answered our survey questions, and the results are in.

Among the many findings, the survey showed that 94 percent of parents allow their children to use at least one online service or device. The results also reveal that, when compared to parents, non-parents would wait longer—by an average of two years—to let kids have access to devices and services.  

What’s more, parents with kids under the age of 7 reported allowing even very young children to have unsupervised use of these devices:

  • Forty-one percent allow their children to use a gaming console.
  • Forty percent allow their children to use a computer.
  • Twenty-nine percent allow their children to use mobile phones. 

 If your children are using the Internet, it’s time to talk to them about Internet safety. We can help you start Internet safety conversations with the goals to engage, educate, enforce, and evaluate the best rules for your family. 

 Learn more about the results of this study, and get tips on how to help your family stay safe online

  • My Great granddaughter just turned 3, Sept 2013, but she has had a Nabi tablet since Christmas 2012.  Nabi has a great system to keep my little one safe.

  • Very important topic! Here is a great checklist for parents targeted at internet safety for kids

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