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How to surf more safely

How to surf more safely

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Internet Explorer 11 is the newest web browser from Microsoft. It is included with Windows 8 and is also available for Windows 7.

To give you more security and increased control over your online privacy, Internet Explorer 11 includes these features:

  • InPrivate browsing – When you use an InPrivate tab, Internet Explorer 11 clears your cookies when you close the tab and does not store your passwords and webpage history.

  • Do Not Track – Send a signal to marketers and websites telling them to not collect data that enables them to track you on the web.

  • Windows SmartScreen – Get help identifying known phishing and malware sites so that you can make informed decisions about app downloads.

Learn more about the features in Internet Explorer 11.

  • Is IE11 available for Win8 now?  I thought it was only on Win7 and Win8.1.

  • Features in Internet Explorer 9.


  • I am using an old Gateway computer that I bought 11years ago my operating system is windows XP Professional. I had to reformat my computer. I used my ATT232 system tio start a internet connection I am also using a Belkin Wireless router to get my internet signal for my computer. I keep getting a not on the internet error on my computer why is that I have done this before to get the internet on my old gateway computer why am I getting this alll of the time now, I need help to get that downloaded for me okay , I am not on my old gateway computer nowI am on my great nieces hewlett packard computer. I cant get on line with my old gateway computer to have you help me out I have NO internet access on my older computer okay. Thank you for your help . 

  • Are you using a tracking software from your wireless router? If so, try removing the software and run without it.  I had that problem with my Gateway but the wireless router is a Netgear router.

  • Your network connection equipment may be the problem. Ensure that they are properly set up (Like they were before you formatted the old computer!)

  • @mechBgon Check ie 11 system requirements from here ...

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