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How to get rid of malware that keeps coming back

How to get rid of malware that keeps coming back

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Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essentials can get rid of most malware, but here’s what you can do if it comes back.

  1. Make sure you have automatic updating turned on. This feature ensures that you have the latest security improvements from Microsoft installed on your computer. If you’re using other antivirus software, make sure that it is up to date with the latest malware definitions.
  1. Restart your PC.
  2. Run a full scan:
    1. Open your Microsoft security software.
    2. On the Home tab, under Scan options, click Full.
    3. Click Scan now.

 A full scan can take an hour or more, depending on how many files you have on your PC.

Get more advanced troubleshooting for malware that keeps coming back.

Once your computer is clean, take these steps to help keep it clean.

  • Most of these issues are actually the virus itself... save your data.. reload your system.. keep your java updated by removing old version before updating to the newst, and yes you should do this each time it comes up. Be careful how you search and don't click just any ol link or install just coz something says so..

  • Thanks Microsoft, we appreciate your products and constant advancement in technology.  And, I feel MS is looking out for us all, using their computers, etc. and/or using someone else's product(s).

  • Always use Internet Explorer for your browser with a backup browser. It's fast, you're more protected, etc.

  • How to get rid of malware that keeps coming back


  • Why won't you publish my post?

  • To Erik the Viking,

    Apple is always patching their OS just like Microsoft, so you use Apple big deal!

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