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Available now: Security update for Internet Explorer

Available now: Security update for Internet Explorer

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Today, Microsoft released a security update for Internet Explorer, that we blogged about earlier this week.

You probably already have automatic updates enabled and will not need to take any action. The update will be downloaded and installed automatically. If you’re unsure if you have automatic updates, or if you haven't already enabled automatic updating, now is the time.

Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft, however, we decided to issue a security update for our Windows XP customers. We continue to encourage our customers to upgrade to a modern operating system, such as Windows 7 or 8.1 and use Internet Explorer 11, the latest version of our web browser.

We encourage you to take steps that protect your computer such as enabling a firewall, applying all software updates, and installing antivirus and antispyware software.

Stay up-to-date with the latest version of Internet Explorer.

For more information, please see the Official Microsoft blog

  • the windows update is still running hours later. had to turn off computer. happens often. I can't turn on windows security.

  • @ regina Krebs, see: Uninstalling Microsoft Security Essentials > or post in MS Community Forums >

  • So why don't you just give the link to download it and/or check if automatic downloads HAS updated this security problem- don't make it a guessing game or a hunt!  Can't you just make things quick, clear cut & simple for people?

  • I just had a phone call from someone asking me to type something into my computer.  I could barely understand him.  I hung up on him.

  • I just received a call from someone claiming to be with Microsoft claiming my computer was sending out signals that there was a virus and my computer was subject to crashing at any moment. His caller ID number was 800-733-7982. He had a very strong India accent. When I started questioning him he hung up. When I called the number back I received a message that "the number is no available in your calling area". Sounds like a scam to me. Wish Microsoft had a telephone number I and others could call to discuss such phone calls. Would think you would want to do something about someone claiming to be with your company.

  • This is related to Karen's (5 May 2014 2:26PM) mail.  I too have been receiving calls from the same people.  I would just hang up but they continued to call.  Today, I decided to see what they were looking for.  The caller said micro soft was receiving messages from my computer showing it was infected with something and he needed me to go into my computer and do exactly what he needed me to do.  He asked me to hold down the micro soft button and hit R (for remote I assume).  As I spoke to him he was pretty insistent that I go onto my computer and follow the instructions he was giving me.  I told him I couldn't talk and asked for his number so I could call him back, which he gave me.  He identified himself as James Wright, badge #1075 1-866-539-8674.  (He was of Indian decent which I could barely understand, and I could hear numerous voices in the back ground talking.) He wanted me to call back as soon as possible.....   AMAZING..........

  • I received a email from Microsoft saying someone in Korea logged in to my account, having been trying to find out if it is real or a scam.  No one at Microsoft to talk to.

  • sounds like our F.C.C. needs to step up to the plate? Man-up Feds earn ur keep!

  • Thanx so Much for the update's and download's. Kevin Kennedy_END MESSAGE.

  • The auto-update for IE9 on MS Vista fails to install.  Based on traffic on various Internet forums, this problem is common.  None of the proposed fixes in the MS knowledge base work... and this is also apparently known by MS (again, based on traffic in the forums).

    Is this just another half-assed job by MS or is MS actually going to adddress the problem?

  • Hi just been contacted by a guy said he was from Microsoft and that my computer  has been hacked he then said to go to my computer to fix the problem. Put phone down but he ring back has any one els had a call like this sounds iffy to me.

  • It is not available on my automatic update.  Please give me a link so I can manually install the fix for ie-8 on vista. I've serached MS site and can't find any link.  When I indicate that a link was "not helpful" and the feedback box comes up, I can type in my feedback, but then there's no submit button.  Please provide a readily accessible link for manually installing the fix. Thank you.

  • argh since this update ie11 wont work if it opens at all it just goes to blank page, also outlook 2007 is stuck in constant contacting server loop. ;(

  • How can I get on my computer, if I can't use internet exployer? Some one let me know please

  • Ending XP is one thing but removing your security is nothing but a THOUGHTLESS MISTAKE !!

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