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New research shows rise in “deceptive downloads”

New research shows rise in “deceptive downloads”

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According to the latest cybersecurity report from Microsoft, “deceptive downloads” were the top threat for 95 percent of the 110 countries surveyed.

What are deceptive downloads?

Deceptive downloads are legitimate downloadable programs (usually free) such as software, games, or music that cybercriminals bundle with malicious items.

For example, you might receive a file in email or through social networking, but when you try to open it you see a message that says you don’t have the right software to open it. You do a search online and come across a free software download that claims it can help you open the file. You download that software, but you unknowingly might also be downloading malicious software (also known as “malware”) with it. This malware might have the ability to access personal information on your computer or use your computer for cybercrime.

It could be months or even years before you notice your system has malware.

How can I avoid deceptive downloads?

What should I do if I think I’ve been a victim of a deceptive download?

Do a scan with your antivirus software. If your computer is running Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, you can use the built-in Windows Defender to check for and to help you get rid of a virus or other malware.

If your computer is running Windows 7 or Windows Vista, do the following:

What is the Security Intelligence Report?

The Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (SIR) covers research on computer security, including software vulnerabilities, exploits, and malicious and potentially unwanted software. Volume 16 of the report was released today. If you want to learn more about deceptive downloads and other key findings, please visit

  • For several years, I have used a totally free website (it is community driven) to check phone numbers that call me.  If that same phone number has been calling other people, you can read nationwide community comments about experiences other folks have about calls from the number you put into the search box.  It does not give results for private individuals, just nuisance calls.  It works for me...

  • I received a call from a "Microsoft Technician" who I could hardly understand who said my computer was about to crash

    and he would show me how to fix it.  A second tech got on the line and we were disconnected.  A third female " tech

    called back and ran me thru the Run window and showed all the errors.  I was told my security certificate had expired. She flashed the prices on the screen for a 1, 2, and 3 year renewal.  I told her I'd think about it......

  • Today I tried to get on my computer. I was unable to get on my e-mail, instead a request to send my address to someone in the household and get instructions as to what to do. Which I did, but my wife being suspicious refused to let me go any farther. Now they are asking for my password on m computer. I am unable to find a telephone # for Microsoft so decided to write and find out if this is legitimate.Hope someone can help. Thanks

  • Security Updates listed, I update and install, thus there was a crazy Tepero Tunneling ---------- or something that I have no idea what it does. I can't find it to delete or uninstall. Everyone online seems to think it is a virus, so how'd it get on my update list? Also, how do I get security for my XP? I understand it has been discontinued. I now have no security on one of my desktops, or probably both. Am I safe with Windows 7 on this laptop? I am a computer idiot, so make it easy.

  • It really is  a  scam.  Make large wages doing nothing.  I answer the call  suppose to make your computer move faster.

    I did nothing change everything on my computer but antivirus just went though took cotrol of my computer. After it would goway,i turn my computer on clip to go into internet their  it is "fix it" like i install it ion my computer. I had to make another purchase .  My advise just hang up you want be sorry.  

  • what is JELLY BEAN?  ( I Can't confirm if this is me, A DAEMON Connection mngr)  (Maybe its a ghost!) ....

  • Help please,I have to restart  my  Microsoft Security Centre Fire Wall every time that start up my computer.

  • what  is  malwarebytes ant  malware

  • I received a call on June 10, 2014 from a man with an East Asian accent saying that he saw that I had a problem downloading a Microsoft Update. I did indeed have a problem with a Microsoft download that day. He said: "Go to your computer and turn it on and I will fix the problem for you." I immediately hung up and shutdown my computer. BEWARE OF THIS SCAM!

  • If microsoft is interested in a lead as to who is perpetrating this scam my phone registered this telephone number (206) 317-1756.that called me with this scam. When I called it back a few days later "Thomas" answered. This was the same voice that called me several days before and said he was Valentin Martin from Microsoft and that they had detected a virus on my computer. At that time he already had control of my computer without any help or consent from me and ultimately wanted to sell me a program to clean up my computer. When I refused. he said F...U and I hung up. It took Norton half a day to clean up his mess.

  • received an email from email@ and pretty sure it had malicisous virus attached. just wanted to make someone aware of it

  • My internet explorer does not working well in the new Microsoft windows 8.1. I like to get the latest version. I am very thankful to the Microsoft.

  • Some of my contacts have called or written me to let me know that they received an email from my account asking them to download a file.  I already changed my password.  Is there anything else that  I should do?  Is my computer at risk?  Thank you.

  • I have had the same problem with phone calls.  Each time I ask for their name, companies name, and a number where I can call them back.  I received another one today.  They told me the name of the company is Nombisko and the person I spoke with, Maseaylor, gave me an incorrect return number.  Who do you report these too?

  • Do they always phone?  Or do they also do it through live chat? If so i think i just got scammed big time! How do i find out? Now feeling scared and a bit stupid!

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