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Get help with your questions

Get help with your questions

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We receive lots of comments and questions from people who are having trouble signing in to their accounts. Although we can’t answer all of your questions individually, you might find solutions on the following pages.

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Forgotten password and other sign-in problems

I need to reset my password

“Your account has been temporarily blocked”

How do I sign in to my Microsoft account?

I am having problems receiving or using a security or verification code

Why am I being asked to provide or verify my security info?

My problem isn't listed here

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  • This is a lie:

    Your account has been temporarily blocked

    "If you can’t unblock your account with a code, you can contact support. To reach the support page, you must be signed in to your account. Even though it’s blocked, you should still be able to sign in and read email."

    I can not read my email. I can not get support. I had this email for 10 years. Why is MS blocking me? Please help me. I have important emails.

    Eve, If you could please unblock temporary in order for me to get my emails that would be great. Please help me Eve.

  • This is a lie as well:

    I am having problems receiving or using a security or verification code

    The link takes you to website and asks for log in. I typed my account and it says that it is temporarily blocked blocked.

    Please help me unblock it. Eve, Is there some other link or some other option? I had this account for 10 years or more now.

  • I have successfully been using Microsoft Security Essentials on my 2003 E-Machines T2672 since your MSE product became available. My computer is on auto-Update downloads, but  it appears I am now having problems. Over the last 2-3 days I keep getting messages that MSE is not turned on so I ran a security check on the downloaded updates and printed it out this morning,

    The following auto downloads apparently could not be installed, some of which were from 2013.

    MSE - (KB 2949787)

    MSE - 4.4.304.0 (KB 2902885)

    Definition Update for Microsoft 2010 (KB 982726) 32 bit edition.

    Security Update for MS Word 2010 (KB 2863926) 32 bit edition

    Security Update for MS Word 2010 (KB 2863902) 32 bit edition

    Security Update for MS Word Outlook (KB 2837597) 32 bit edition

    I need help with solving the install problem for these updates and can I upgrade from the XP  Op System up to Windows 7 Home Premium

  • I receiving emails saying it's from microsoft  saying their terms of use are changing....this is the address:

    Is this legit.

    Thank you for your help

  • I cannot access my account I have gotten 4 codes nothing works .this is ridiculous . I do not have another email account

  • Why isn't my mail current.

  • I can't sign in. It looks like my account is blocked. I contacted microsoft customer service, but never got to back to after I provided with the message displayed on the screen. I heard that someone has been asking for a "security code".

  • hi i cant sign in my hotmail account because of that security code. i need help

  • I need to get help to get into my accounts.Please call.

  • I need a Product key no, I cannot access my mail

  • Many Outlook issues would be resolved if Microsoft displayed the actual e-mail sender information as it appears when you hover over the fictitious one shown in the Outlook Sender name field. Obviously the information is available, although I am certain most people don't know how to find it, nor should they be required to look for it. It is an issue which Microsoft appears to be "looking away" from.

  • would be nice if you could find a phone number to call... grrrr

  • Got email saying my outlook is being opened at another site.  Is this for real ???

  • My microsoft outlook when clicked on always goes into safe mode i think something wrong with secrurity settings as it keep telling me also i must see privacy policey online but i am never able to due to security settings fault

  • I cannot sign into my hotmail account. It is giving me a wrong email address of netzero which we no longer have!! I got the code and changed my password and still get the message that it looks like someone is trying to access your account!! we used to have both accounts, but now only have the hotmail. Please get me back into my account!!!  

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