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  • Blog Post: Spooky antivirus software

    Judy writes: My virus protection doesn't seem to want to stay on. I’ve been able to turn it back on, but when I shut down and then restart my computer later, the virus protection is off again . Is this some kind of Halloween trick? Having a virus is no treat Achieving 100 percent protection...
  • Blog Post: NEWS: Microsoft offers most popular US antivirus program

    Have you recently installed Microsoft Security Essentials? Earlier this month, the development tools and data services company, OPSWAT , announced that Microsoft’s free antivirus software was the most popular antivirus program in North America during the last 12 months. Microsoft Security Essentials...
  • Blog Post: Why does the Action Center say I don’t have antivirus software?

    We recently received this question from a reader of this blog: “Hi! I am running Windows 7 with Windows Defender. Why does the Action Center say that I don’t have antivirus protection?” Windows Defender comes with Windows 7 and although it is your first line of defense against...
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