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  • Blog Post: What do I do if my updates don’t install?

    The easiest way to get security updates automatically is to go to the Microsoft Update website and make sure that you have automatic updating turned on. Microsoft Update provides very important updates for performance and security. If you have automatic updating turned on and it isn’t working...
  • Blog Post: How to uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials

    We've received some email from blog readers who want to uninstall Microsoft's no-cost antivirus and antispyware software ( Microsoft Security Essentials ). If you've had trouble removing the program, see How to manually uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials if you cannot uninstall it by using...
  • Blog Post: Get a Windows 7 security checklist

    Windows 7, the newest operating system from Microsoft, includes several new and improved security features , including an Action Center that lets you review and resolve security issues and perform maintenance on your computer. To make sure you’re taking advantage of all the security...
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