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  • Blog Post: Hilo Chapter 4 and new DirectCompute lectures live

    So we just finished updating the Hilo article series to include another chapter . This chapter covers the design considerations that were made before the team underwent development with the project. They covered a number of interesting brainstorming and design topics that are uncommon for MSDN. For example...
  • Blog Post: Basics of DirectCompute now live on Channel 9

    The fourth video in the DirectCompute series, Basics of DirectCompute , is now live on Channel 9. In this video, Jason Yang from ATI/AMD teaches you the basics of developing applications that use DirectCompute. The following topics are covered: Instantiating a DirectCompute device Writing and...
  • Blog Post: New Videos for DirectCompute Lecture Series

    We just finished posting the third video in the DirectCompute lecture series . The video is titled: DirectCompute 110: Memory Patterns . In this video, Matt Sandy, a program manager on the DirectX team, provides an in depth look at memory usage patterns in DirectCompute. The following topics are covered...
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