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  • Blog Post: [Offtopic] New PC Build

    Some people spend their time and money on cars, fiending after the new models and tweaking their existing vehicle to ink a few more HP out of it. I don't much care about cars, I drive a Lincoln TownCar that I bought for $800 at auction, but I run and build PCs like enthusiasts at Hot August Nights do...
  • Blog Post: Smartphones: The (perhaps unintended) realization of the past half century of consumer science fiction

    I have been using smartphones since I could afford them roughly seven years ago and have been using PDAs since I was a nerd in high school in the late 90s but only recently have I really had this moment of, "Wow, these are amazing devices that are changing our culture and affording us remarkable...
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone 7 Series Thoughts

    Waiting for Launch, Picking my Phone When I first saw the announcements about the latest generation of Windows phones, I was skeptical about how useful the differences would be. The concepts of hubs and live tiles are pretty different from what everyone else (Google, Apple, Palm) is doing: Android...
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