October, 2007

  • SilverLite

    Perf Debugging Tips: EnableRedrawRegions & a performance bug in VideoBrush

    Was chatting with Andy Beaulieu at Remix Boston, and he was commenting that it seems that Silverlight only draws when needed -- it is true, we try to not waste your CPU cycles. For Perf debugging, a way to tell when you are causing a redraw is to turn...
  • SilverLite

    Macintosh & Silverlight perf...

    I met recently with two designers trying to figure out "what was Silverlight doing under the covers? did I accidentally turn on some feature?" My first thought is to reference my post on how to minimize CPU usage. We have to learn how to conserve not...
  • SilverLite

    See you at Remix Boston!

    Weather has turned dreary in Seattle already, I'm headed to Boston for a bit of warmth and to see the leaves turn....but more importantly: I'm giving a talk at Remix Boston on Tuesday at 9am, introducing Silverlight as a developer and media platform....
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