Hello!  Welcome to my blog!

Since this is the first post on my blog, I figured the best thing for me to do is introduce myself and the blog properly.

First off, my name is Paul Laberge and I'm a Web Platform Advisor for Microsoft Canada.  Since my title is pretty fuzzy and means a lot of nothing to most people, let me explain what I do and hopefully that helps clear things up.  Basically, my role at Microsoft is to help partners and customers that build web-enabled solutions for their customers understand how our platform can help them build great web applications.  In other words, if you build websites, web applications or desktop applications that use the web in some form or fashion, my job is to help you understand how the Microsoft platform is one you should consider for your solutions.  If you have a question around our web platform or how to partner and grow your business with Microsoft my mailbox is always open.

As I said, one of my main focuses in my role is to explain the value proposition of the Microsoft platform as it pertains to web-enabled applications and their development.  That is the reason for this blog.  In a nutshell, I'll be discussing topics related to web-enabled applications and how you build them on the Microsoft platform.

As time goes by, I'm sure the themes and topics may evolve into more focus or to include different or additional information, but the topic of building web-enabled solutions will remain central to this blog.

So, in conclusion, I am glad you visited my blog and I am looking forward to the conversations we will have!