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April, 2010

  • Your Software Has Bugs

    Software Testing Cage Match: vs. Microsoft

    While I previously made some comparisons between and Microsoft's different approaches to software testing in Building Services: The Death of Big Up-Front Testing (BUFT)? , I think now would be a fun and interesting time to do a deeper dive...
  • Your Software Has Bugs

    What is an SDET? Part 2

    Since I have started blogging, a pattern has emerged. I make a post on some topic, it sits out there for a few days, I get some commentary on it, I cogitate on it, and then I feel I have something more to say to clarify my initial point. Well, my last...
  • Your Software Has Bugs

    What is an SDET?

    SDET stands for Software Development Engineer in Test (or Software Design Engineer in Test). I believe this title was originated at Microsoft (but have not researched this). It is also used at and Google. The SDET role can be compared with...
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