I’ve written two three pieces on TestOps that just happened to get published at almost the same time:


A shorter overview, Quality in the Cloud: The new Role of TestOps, for Software Test Professionals online.


And a more detailed treatment, The future of software testing Part two – TestOps, for The Testing Planet. 

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The magazine will cost a few bucks, but it’s got some great content.   (and if you click to “Look Inside the Book” from the Amazon, site, or download the Kindle sample, you can read my article …. if you read it that way and like it, how about buying the issue Smile)


My Presentation to STPCon 2012: A to Z Testing in Production: Industry Leading Techniques to Leverage Big Data for Quality, http://bit.ly/seth_stp_oct2012 also talks about TestOps

TestOps is the way industry leaders in software services assure quality of their product.  It is a portmanteau of "Test" and "Ops", for more info check out the STP piece.