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A to Z Testing in Production: TiP Methodologies, Techniques, and Examples

Testing in production (TiP) is a set of software testing methodologies that utilizes real users and production environments in a way that both leverages the diversity of production, while mitigating risks to end users. By leveraging the diversity of production we are able to exercise code paths and use cases that we were unable to achieve in our test lab, or did not anticipate in our test planning.
This session introduces participants to TiP and gives testers methodologies they can use to TiP like Controlled Test Flights, Synthetic Test in Production, Load/Capacity Test in Production, Data Mining, Destructive Testing and more. These are illustrated with examples from Microsoft, Netflix, Amazon and others. Along the way we will cover techniques that enable TiP like Exposure Control, Test Data Handling, Production Test Hooks, and Crowd Sourcing.

  • Test labs try to approximate the production environment - TiP is the production environment.
  • Test plans try to anticipate user behavior and workflows - TiP is user behavior.