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April, 2013

  • Your Software Has Bugs

    More on Microsoft codename “Blue”

    Found this article which substantiates the previous one on Windows Blue The first glimpse of how this plan might come together was unveiled two weeks ago, and was termed the codename "Blue," - a plan promising to roll out more frequent and more...
  • Your Software Has Bugs

    Destroy All Robot Language

    Microsoft (being an Evil Empire™ and all) doesn't get credit for a lot of changes that you do not explicitly notice, but make a real difference. For example there has been a program to "destroy all robot language" in several Microsoft products...
  • Your Software Has Bugs

    What is Microsoft “Blue”?

    You may have heard of Microsoft “Blue” or “Windows Blue”.  I will not give you any inside information (as I simply do not have it), but here I found a good definition of what Blue is “Blue, according to these guys, is not the code name for a new...
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