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  • Blog Post: ConnectionLifetime attribute in the SqlConnection connection string is not honored

    Created a sample code. == It has the ConnectionLifetime attribute in the connection String set to 10 secs. == Now in the code, i'm having a loop which will open the connection, executes a statement. == Waits for 15 secs and then closes the connection. == Then waits for 15 secs and then tries...
  • Blog Post: KERBEROS - Inside OUT

    Kerberos Checklist General Kerberos scenario Client logs in to the KDC using the domain account. The KDC responds with the TGT. (Provided by the TGS within the KDC). Now the client sends the TGT and a session request for the particular middle tier machine to the KDC. The KDC issues...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft JET Basics

    Access and Jet Jet is the ubiquitous term for the access database engine. The Microsoft Jet OLE DB Provider and the Access ODBC driver both use the Jet database engine to connect to a variety of Data Sources. Access to non-access database types such as dBase, Paradox and text are though installable ISAM...
  • Blog Post: SQL Vs Oracle ODBC Driver DLL Path

  • Blog Post: .NET database connection ARCHITECTURE to SQL Server

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