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  • Blog Post: Prepare VM: Add ISO Programmatically . Hyper-V, C# version

    Prepare VM: Programmatically Add ISO. Hyper-V, C# version [Sergei Meleshchuk.] Imagine I want prepare VM fully automatically (programmatically, via code). Say I need a fully functional VM. That is, OS and applications loaded, ready for use. Why adding (mounting) ISO...
  • Blog Post: Prepare VM: Create VM programmatically, Hyper-V API, C# version

    Create VM (Hyper-V) via code - .NET version Create VM programmatically [Sergei Meleshchuk.] From code, you can create many VMs per second. Those will be “bare-metal” VMs of course – you still will need to load image or just install OS on them. My example does not...
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