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  • Blog Post: Workflow Changes Part Three: tracking stream based

    If you have instance data coming from the tracking database and want to get the actual instance activity tree after the changes were applied, it gets a little tricky. First, you’d need to a) read all of the activity add/remove changes from the database and merge them into single list b) order...
  • Blog Post: Workflow Changes Part two: workarounds for the custom activities with locked children

    If your custom activity/workflow has children then they will be locked and you would not be able to add/remove those when re-using the activity in other activities/workflows. That means that a custom activity writer can safely assume his/her activity would be used as it is without changers. On the other...
  • Blog Post: Workflow Changes (aka Dynamic Updates) Part one: UI-based changes

    Today I’ll go into more details on how to apply the changes based on the user input from the designer surface. As I said in one of the previous posts, it is the DynamicUpdateDriver class that sinks the ComponentChanged event from the IComponentChangeService , and in the corresponding event handler...
  • Blog Post: Instance state and per-instance Title property handling

    Let’s look at how the app keeps track of what’s going on inside the runtime and the individual workflow instances. All this functionality is factored into the WorkflowAdminService project, AdministrationService class. This class has two sources of events – runtime itself (the WorkflowStarted...
  • Blog Post: Architecture overview of the Workflow Manager

    Here is the first of the series of articles about the Workflow Manager I promised. First let me start with a bit of history. Before joining the WF team I was a dev on the Biztalk tracking/management team and so I had some ideas on how to design user experience around managing workflows. I have...
  • Blog Post: Older interview to the Russian Channel 9 link

    A couple months ago I gave an interview to the Russian Channel 9: So if you can understand Russian, please feel free to download and watch it.
  • Blog Post: WorkflowManager screencast has been published on Channel 9

    Here is the link:
  • Blog Post: Workflow Manager sample finally got published in source code

    I have just published the Workflow Manager sample at Sample requires .Net 3.0 June CTP: . N et 3.0 June CTP
  • Blog Post: Hello

    Hello, My name is Sergey and I am a developer on the Windows Workflow Foundation team. I focus mostly on the Workflow Designer (along with the .Designer part of the System.Workflow.ComponentModel namespace). Besides, I enjoy a lot of other stuff, like salmon and trout fishing, hanging out with...
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