Outlook without religion is lame

Random musings from a Outlook/SharePoint CPR SEE at Microsoft.

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SharePoint Support Escalation Engineer isn't a one man job. I be most remiss were I not to properly credit those who help me make the most of my role in Microsoft Support every day:

To God, for creating such a great Universe, and for simplifying my rules for living from 10 rules to 2. And for His Son, Jesus, who explained the new rules so clearly and then led by example as well.
Very special thanks to my lovely bride Michelle - you are so patient with me!
Thanks to my sons who let me see life through different eyes every day!
Thanks to my manager and management team at Microsoft for keeping me employed on a job which never fails to bring me great joy and satisfaction.
Thanks to my teammates for sharing in the thrill of discovery, the pain of unresolved issues and all-nighters and for helping me to grow into a professional!
Special thanks to our Microsoft customers and partners for helping us to write and improve upon the world's best software!
Thanks to my Scottish Terriers for loving me no matter what time I get home...

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