NFS and SUA in Windows 7

Finally, the Windows 7 beta is released to the public and we can now experience it ourselves. The PSS people in Microsoft are always excited to try their hands on the latest betas and Windows 7 is not an exception.

The first thing that we did, after exploring the new GUI experience, was to add Client for NFS and Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications (SUA) components. The addition is completely alike Windows Vista so no surprises here but it was much faster than Vista. The management is also the same with almost no visible difference.

But, things are really better underneath – there have been a lot of bug-fixes in both – Client for NFS and SUA – both.

On the NFS front, the User Name Mapping support (not the UNM component itself – like Vista) is there. Perhaps, the biggest change to notice is newly added support for KRB5/KRB5i security mode to come up to the mark with latest technologies available. More information is not available on this as of now and I will post new information as soon as it is available.

On SUA front, there are talks of a lot of improvement in terms of bug fixes. The SDK for Win7 is not released as of now and we expect it to be available only during Win7 RC phase.