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Services for UNIX - Interoperability

A blog on Services for UNIX and UNIX Interoperability components in Windows by Ashish

March, 2009

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About Us - Anand & Ashish

Welcome to the SFU Blog.

I'm Ashish and I'm Anand :)

Both of us work for the Services for UNIX support team with Microsoft. Ashish is the Technical Lead for this team. Our plans for this blog are to publish information on how you can use different Services for UNIX and optional UNIX Interoperability components built-in with R2 and others to come in the future.

The articles and information published here will be based on our own experiences. Needless to say they shouldn't be treated as Microsoft's official stand in any case unless otherwise stated explicitly by us.

Your feedback is welcome. Please feel free to mail your questions and topic suggestions to us.

And hey, you can also check Anand's own blog at

07/06/2007 - UPDATE: Anand has taken a new role as a Partner Technology Specialist. I wish him a great future there and continued success.

03/05/2008 - My title is changed to Support Escalation Engineer now and I'm almost full time on bugs etc. Have not been able to concentrate on the blog posts but I should be getting back soon on it.

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