Windows 7 SUA SDK

A lot of people have been enquiring about the Windows 7 SUA SDK. There is a lot of anticipation since Windows 7 has already raised the bar on the other fronts and now people have high expectations for SUA SDK that would be released for Windows 7 SUA.

The picture is not as good - there are no new features being added to SUA with Windows 7. You would not see any new ported utilities or libraries. It will be just the bug fixes that have been reported on previous SDK and not much. If you had high hopes - it's time to give them up.

The expected release is shortly after the Windows 7 is RTM and not during the RC phase as earlier anticipated.

It's not news anymore that the Interop Systems' forum has not received funding for FY10 and it will be offline after June this year. That is a serious setback to SUA adoption since that forum has been the most active and greatest source of information for people who use SUA and find it useful for their purpose. Let's hope that the Microsoft discussions groups see the experts switching over so that people looking for help are not disappointed.

UPDATE: Rodney's comment below indicates there is ray of hope and the SUA community forums may shine again :)