May, 2007

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    101 LINQ query samples

    If you are starting into writing LINQ queries or you are stuck in writing a query here is a link which I'm sure will help you -
  • Piyush Shah's Blog

    Convert any feed to ATOM

    Judging by ATOM's rising popularity, see Atom compared to RSS , and its public endorsement by Google. Atom may be the future of Feed Syndication. Here is a quick way, courtesy of Google, to convert any Feed type to Atom. Google provides a nice REST...
  • Piyush Shah's Blog

    Creating Widgets using Javascript Simple Syndication - JSS

    Web syndication is a way to make content of your website or application available for others to use. Rss/Atom/Rdf are specifications, which websites use for this purpose. However to consume such formats in your website, you need to know a little programming...
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