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  • Blog Post: Hot Topic - New BI Features in 2008?

    A common question I am asked is the one of new features in SQL Server 2008, especially around BI. Hopefully this whitepaper will help you folk. Technorati Tags: sql Server 2008 , Business Intelligence SQL Server 2008
  • Blog Post: SQL Closes the Distance

    Nice write up in the Redmond Mag on SQL Server traction and closing in fast on Oracle Nice quote - Today's multibillion-dollar question is: Could Microsoft now do to Oracle, the long-time database leader, what it has done to the others? The...
  • Blog Post: Download the Latest SQL Server 2008 CTP

    The SQL Server 2008 November CTP introduces extensive new functionality across all of the core themes of SQL Server – Trusted, Beyond Relational, Dynamic Development, and Pervasive Insight. For example, this CTP helps customers manage a mission critical and productive data platform with key features...
  • Blog Post: SQL Server 2008 Partner Readiness

    Join us as we approach the launch of SQL Server 2008. This Partner Academy Live session will cover 100-200 level content. SQL Server 2008: Business Intelligence Overview November 28, 2007 8:00-9:00 am PST presented by Julie Strauss Register for the Partner Webcast Partner Academy Live Level: 200 Target...
  • Blog Post: New SQL Server 2008 E-Learning Offerings

    Take the Microsoft free eLearning Collection 6187: What's New in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 In this 3 hour on-line collection, IT Professionals will learn about the new features in SQL Server 2008. Topics covered within these clinics include: · What's New in SQL Server 2008 for Enterprise Data Platform...
  • Blog Post: SQL Server 2000 Support Lifecycle

    Andrew has blogged the support lifecycle for SQL Server 2000. Mainstream support for SQL Server 2000 ends on 8th April 2008 with the exception of CE which is 8th Jan 2008. All versions of SQL Server have extended support of +5 years, 9th April 2013. SQL Server 2000 Support Lifecycle
  • Blog Post: 8 Reasons to Migrate to SQL Server 2008

    Want to know why? The Technet team are running a number of events the first on the 22nd Nov, London. Register by the following link - Technorati Tags: SQL Server 2008
  • Blog Post: Facebook Partnership

    Facebook and Microsoft Corp. today announced that the two companies would expand their advertising partnership and that Microsoft will take a $240 million equity stake in Facebook’s next round of financing at a $15 billion valuation. Under the expanded strategic alliance, Microsoft will be the exclusive...
  • Blog Post: SQL Server 2008 - Replication

    Asked a question about replication in SQL 2008 today, here goes from Technet . SQL Server 2008 Replication What's New. Peer-to Peer-Transactional Replication Peer-to-peer replication includes the following significant usability and manageability improvements: The ability to add nodes to a replication...
  • Blog Post: Technet on the Road

    TechNet is pleased to announce the second series of technical events “TechNet on the Road” We will again be stepping away from PPT and concentrating on a demo-packed full day. We will be visiting 5 locations (Reading, London, Manchester, Newcastle and Falkirk) There are 3 separate sessions: 1) Beyond...
  • Blog Post: SQL Server Community

    Check this - Our own SQL Server Community, still in beta :) Technorati Tags: SQL Server
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Office Performance Point Server Launch - 16th October 2007, London

    Get Ready! Launch on the 16th October, London. If you have not yet registered for the event follow this link I am personally looking forward to Professor Robert Kaplan's session, and his thinking around his Balanced Scorecard. See you there! Technorati Tags: Microsoft Office Performance...
  • Blog Post: Pervasive Business Intelligence

    Read the full article Technorati Tags: BI , SQL Server 2008 Business Intelligence
  • Blog Post: Data Protection for SQL Server

    Heard of Data Protection Manager? DPM 2007 is a member of the Microsoft System Center family of management products, which are designed to help IT Professionals manage their Windows Server® infrastructure. First announced in September 2006, and now out as Beta 2, DPM 2007 sets a new standard for Windows...
  • Blog Post: Orange County Choppers SQL Server 2005

    I put my bike up for sale on ebay last night. I have a 1998 GSXR 750, nice bike, yes it is fast :) I am in search for another bike, not sure what to go for maybe another sport or alternatively a more upright bike. Orange County Choppers look quite nice :)
  • Blog Post: How do you Measure Up?

    If you hold an MCDBA accreditation you may find the following information quite useful - · You can find exam requirements here: · Practice tests are available here: Measure Up Good luck :) Technorati Tags: MCDBA , SQL Server 2005
  • Blog Post: SQL Server 2008 - Product Samples

    If you have started working with the SQL Server 2008 CTP you may find these samples useful, available from the codeplex website. The following sample databases are currently available for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008: The AdventureWorks OLTP database supports standard online...
  • Blog Post: Simplifying the lifecyle

    Had an interesting discussion with a partner that trying to simplify the DBA with the Developer is concerning. DBA's can tune the DB while developers may not think about this in code design. With the integrated tools in SQL Server it is possible to write code and thinking about performance considerations...
  • Blog Post: Business Intelligence

    Technorati Tags: SQL Server 2008 Business Intelligence , BI , SQL 2008
  • Blog Post: SQL Server 2008 Data Compression

    Key changes in SQL Server 2008 Data Compression Data compression enables you to store your data more effectively and reduce the storage requirements for your data. SQL Server 2008 provides significant performance improvements for large I/O bound workloads such as data warehousing. SQL Server 2008...
  • Blog Post: SQL 2008 New Data Types Live Meeting

    Well worth watching this webcast next Monday 17th Sept. Microsoft SQL Server 2008, code name "Katmai," introduces a significant amount of new or improved functionality, including new data types, in addition to performance and security enhancements. In this webcast, we discuss how you can easily take...
  • Blog Post: Sudoku Buster

    For all you Sudoku fans out there found this Sudoku Buster written in SQL Server
  • Blog Post: SQL PASS Community Summit Technorati Tags: SQL Server 2008
  • Blog Post: TechEd IT Forum, 12-16 Nov, Barcelona, Spain

    This years TechEd is in Barcelona, Spain. There are quite a few Data Management sessions listed. Follow the link Technorati Tags: TechEd
  • Blog Post: McLaren using SQL 2005 and Vista

    I was on a BI course with the guys from McLaren. Fascinating how much data they need REAL TIME for the F1! We are talking milli, milli, seconds, is that right? Anyway take a look at the video case study. Check out the video case study Technorati Tags: McLaren , Vista , SQl Server 2005
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