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  • Blog Post: Remote connection to windows (using rcmd)

    I recently was looking for remote command utility which would enable me to run various commands on other windows boxes. Thats when I came across Remote Command (rcmd : ). I remember rcmd provided in Unix machines. (man page for rcmd states: The rcmd() function...
  • Blog Post: extern "C" and overloading

    C++ will mangle every function assuming its potential to be overloaded. so how would you make sure your overloaded functions (where all except one of the overloaded functions act as wrappers to one core function ) work with C? Example: Assume foo(char *) calls foo (int i) . class Object { public: void...
  • Blog Post: Perl system command and return codes

    Many of you must have used Perl as part of day to day automation. Some teams use test harnesses made exclusively of Perl. This makes it easier to leverage various functionalitiesof text manipulation, file operations and process monitoring, etc which is needed for a functional test harness. More often...
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