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  • Blog Post: Welcome Shan!

    Shanmugam has been writing some very useful stuff over out here . Go ahead and check it out, I will be definitely be adding it to my RSS feeds. Maybe now I will be more regular in doing posts :)
  • Blog Post: Where is Telnet in Vista/Longhorn beta builds?

    Telnet is now made an optional component in Vista and Longhorn Servers. This means if you type telnet in command shell, you will be out of luck. Why have we done it so? As time has passed, fewer users use telnet. Thus, to decrease the foot print as well as the attack surface, we decided to make...
  • Blog Post: Help - Install problems with SDK and SUA on Vista/Longhorn!

    Few folks have been trying to install utilities and SDK from web on SUA running on Vista/LH. They get the following error - "Setup failed to create the symlink etc\hosts." This happens normally when you attempt to install SUA SDK on post Beta2 (5384) Vista/LH builds. Solution - Be logged...
  • Blog Post: Web download for Utilities and SDK for Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications in Vista/Longhorn Beta 2 available!

    We have Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications (SUA) component available in Vista Ultimate and Enterprise SKUs. What does this component do? SUA provides the basic infrastructure to run UNIX-based applications and scripts on Windows Vista (Ultimate and Enterprise) and Longhorn Server How does...
  • Blog Post: Web download for Identity Management for UNIX - Longhorn Server Beta 2

    Identity Management for UNIX component is available with Longhorn Server Beta 2 (5384) build. This component has two subcomponents - Password Synchronization Server for NIS We have a web download which contains Single Signon Daemon (SSOD) which can be installed on Linux and UNIX variants...
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